Stress Management 1: 12 Ways to De-Stress Your Days

Stress Management 2: What to Do When Stress Creates Anger

Stress Management 3: Give Yourself Away

Stress Management 4: Mindful Meditation Pt. 1

Stress Management 5: Mindful Meditation Pt. 2

Stress Management 6: The Power of a Positive Perspective

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Mailing List


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MOPS, Sierra Pines Church, Oakhurst, Ca


Military Family Camp

Military Family Camp, Sugar Pine Camp, Fish Camp, California


Sunday services at Sierra Pines

Sunday services at Sierra Pines, Oakhurst, Ca

I will be speaking at all 3 services on Sunday moring at SPC, 8am, 9:30am, 11am.

Better Than Jewels

Linda's Stress Management Series