TECH PECKED OR TUNED IN: Finding God in a Digital World


With the stress of current news constantly bombarding media, we need tools to unplug. We need a way to turn down the noise and the stress this physical world presents and tune in to a spiritual side of ourselves that fosters calm and peace.  

This book contains the best of what my therapist twin sister and I have learned in six decades about how to calm your heart in a world addicted to noise and speed, and how to sustain a faith that will bring you peace even in challenging times.   

Tech-pecked, is a term the therapist authors coined to describe the detrimental conditions that arise from the vigilant response of tech users to every ping, ding or buzz, real or imagined, a result of constant dependence on digital devices. 

With personal stories and therapeutic insights the authors pave the way for you to 

 ·Understand how digital distractions generate anxiety that taxes your body and your brain and what to do about it.  

·Find insights to get the best life hacks that tech provides without the vices your devices can create.  

·Discover ways to quiet your mind in an anxious world so that you can idle down and connect with a caring God. 

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