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Sierra Pines Church

12 Ways to Turn Your Pain into Praise

Sapphires from Psalms

Better Than Jewels

Bling from the King - $15 CD Set

This 4 CD set, Bling From the King, based on my devotional books Sapphires from Psalms and Better Than Jewels from the book of Proverbs, helps ladies understand how treasured they are by the Lord, and how serving Him brings fulfillment and rewards both here and in heaven. Talks include~

  • You’re God’s Priceless Pearl—Psalm 103, Matthew 13:46
  • Sapphires from Psalms: Turning Trials Into Triumphs—Psalm 40:1-3
  • Bring on the Bling: God’s Crowns Your Rewards—Psalm 149:4
  • Better Than Jewels: Being Used by God—Proverbs 8:11