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I recently read this in Francis Chan’s book, The Forgotten God about the Holy Spirit. It stabbed me awake. I pray it will open your eyes a well.

1 Corinthians 12 shares all the different gifts that are needed in the church.  Francis Chan says, “I want you to take 1 Corinthians 12 seriously, to believe that you have been given a manifestation of the spirit and that your church, the worldwide body of Christ, and the world are crippled without your involvement. I write this because I love the church and I want you to trust that you are more than just a helpful addition. You need to believe you are a vital member. As real estate brokers, sales clerks, restaurant servers, barista’s, teachers, dietitians, therapist, students, parents, farmers, school board members, and city Council officials, you are vital members of the body of Christ.  Ask yourself, do I believe the church needs me like a body needs a mouth?

 It is true that God may have called you to be exactly where you are. But it’s absolutely vital to grasp that he didn’t call you there so you could settle in and live out your life in comfort and superficial peace.  His purposes are not random or arbitrary. If you’re still alive on this planet, it’s because he has something for you to do.  He placed us on this earth for purposes that he orchestrated long before we were born. (Ephesians 2:8-10) Do you believe you exist not for your own pleasure but to help people know the love of Jesus and to come fully alive in him?  If so, then that will shape how you live your life in the place where you are.”


November 05, 2015 @11:09 pm

Thanks for that we need to be reminded that we have a purpose driven life. To have the mind of Christ is to love others

November 05, 2015 @09:13 am

Linda,thank you so much for this message it is right where I am in my walk today..

November 05, 2015 @09:12 am

Amen! Thanks, Linda.

November 05, 2015 @09:11 am

Thank you Linda, I love receiving your encouraging words. Today, I really needed these! I look forward to seeing every joint supplying in the Body of Christ.


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