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As the world is made new on this first day of spring, we can be too through the power of prayer.

The musician Bono once asked Bishop Tutu how he managed to find time to pray. Tutu replied, “What are you talking about?” Do you think we would be able to do this stuff (preside over hearings of man’s horrible inhumanity to man in South Africa to reunite a broken nation) if we didn’t?”

In prayer we stand before God and plead our condition as well as the conditions of those around us. In the process, the act of prayer emboldens us to join the work of transforming the world to a place where the Father’s will is indeed one as it is in heaven. We are Christ’s body on earth, after all; he has no hand but ours. And yet to act as Christ’s body we need as unbroken connection to the Head. We pray in order to see the world with God’s eyes, and then join the stream of power as it breaks loose. (Wise words from Prayer Does It Make Any Difference.)

If you want to see Bishop Tutu’s own words about prayer, check out our Answers from Mom and Dad Facebook page




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