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DO YOU EVER WONDER WHY PEOPLE DO THE THINGS THEY DO? Would you like to learn ways to motivate yourself and others around you, your kids, spouse, co-workers? Here are some short ciips to help you understand the different temperament types that Hippocrates figured out over 2000 years ago. They have be re-represented with everything from colors to animals and even in the DISC profile that is so popular online. Take a moment to check out what temperament you are. If you would like a Personality Profile to see what personality you have, just email me:)

Intro to Temperaments        Sanguine Temperament         Melancholic Temperament        Phlegmatic Temp

Choleric Temperament  


October 20, 2013 @09:42 pm

Linda, may I please have a personality profile? Thank you so much!


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