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    Sunday services at Sierra Pines Oakhurst
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    MOPS Oakhurst
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    Military Family Camp Fish Camp

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Thank you for helping to name my new book that I am writing with my sis. The overwhelming favorite by those who responded is

 Tech-Pecked or Tuned In: Finding God in a Digitally Driven World.

In our book, we talk a lot about tech-use and we talk about “turning off to tune in.”  When we tune in, we idle down to spend quiet uninterrupted time in His presence. It seems that the more we tune in to Him, the more we understand and believe in His trustworthiness. British believer Jonathan Aitken says it with way,”

“Trusting God does not mean that He will ensure that none of the things that you are afraid of will ever happen to you. On the contrary, it means that whatever you fear is quite likely to happen, but with God’s help it will in the end turn out to be nothing to be afraid of.”

Doesn’t Aitken’s comment say it so well?


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