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    Military Family Camp Fish Camp
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Sierra Pines Church

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I fell in love with the sweet old poem about THANKSGIVING! I hope you enjoy it too.


This is our day for remembering
How Pilgrim feet of yore
Were led to God’s green pastures
On a cold New England shore.

Of strong but aching fingers
That clutched His staff and rod,
To march through death’s dark valley
Because they trusted God.

Remembering those whose courage
Called faith and freedom twain;
Who walked the paths of righteousness
With souls man could not chain.

Their grateful hearts remembered
How God their needs did bless.
So they joined their hands together
In mutual thankfulness.

Let us remember also
Our cups that runneth o’er
Because they have been filled
From God’s abundant store.

Goodness and mercy are with us
Where freeman know the right,
For the Shepherd who led the Pilgrims
Is guiding our feet tonight.

Sweet, isn’t it?

CONTEST: It’s getting close to Christmastime, so here is a chance to
for yourself of someone else.
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Lovin’ Jesus,
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