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 I love seeing your responses to my posts that prove the Bible isn’t some fictitious book.  The stories bless me and I am delighted they build your faith as well. Support for the veracity of the Bible comes from some unlikely places, Dr. Andrew Parker, biologist at Oxford and card-carrying atheist came up with the light switch theory. It is that the first eye evolved about 521 million years ago, just about the time of the Cambrian Explosion. He wrote a book in 2003, entitled, In the Blink of an Eye: How Vision Sparked the Big Bang Explosion. After the book came out he wrote this:

“I received numerous letters from readers of my book suggesting something completely unforeseen—that there were parallels between the scientifically generated history of life on earth and the creation account given in the first chapter of Genesis. It was the evolution of vision—the cornerstone of the light switch theory—that had caught their attention to decipher the ever-puzzling biblical phrase, “Let there be lights…to divide the day from the night V14. This appears after the initial, “Let there be light” or the formation of the sun in V3.
The light switch theory became the final number in a combination lock guarding a biblical secret.
Mainly out of courtesy, I gave the matter brief attention.
Without expecting to find anything, I discovered a whole series of parallels between the creation story on the Bible’s first page and the modern scientific account of the history of life. This at least made me think, and I was considering the scientific account first—a detached review of the facts and chronology of evolution—which ruled out partiality or clouded judgment.”

Dr. Parker is an evolutionist, but in an interview with a New York paper he responded to a hostile reporter:
Interviewer: You criticize atheism because you think it’s disturbing to believe there’s no God or heaven. Just because those things might be comforting doesn’t make them true, does it?
Dr. Parker: No. But what I’m saying is that if the evidence doesn’t necessarily point one way or another, perhaps we’re better off with religion.

I will post the entire interview with Dr. Parker next. It is displays how his thinking shifted when he explored the TRUTH of the Bible.


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