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Do you ever say Yes to a project, favor, person, or event when deep inside you doubt your ability to follow through? Do you say Yes because you’re afraid people won’t like you, the boss won’t promote you, or your friends will disown you? Do you worry into the night about how you are going to accomplish what you have committed to and wish again and again you had simply said No? This video is for you!

Happy boundaries in 2015


January 19, 2015 @04:01 pm

Hi Joan, I know the feeling. I think if we can slow down enough in our "doing" to listen to make sure it is God calling us and not our people-pleasing tendencies, we won't wear out. When God calls us to something, it's not always easy, but He gives us the strengths If we say Yes to everything to the point of exhaustion of exasperation, we won't have energy for anything, whether it's God's design for us or not! Thanks for sharing!

January 19, 2015 @03:36 pm

Hi Linda, you send me some of the most helpful things. All my life I have said yes too many times, but now that I turned 76, I am saying no, it is not easy, but I just am not able to do all the things I use to do, not saying it doesn't bother me because I really feel guilty especially if it is church stuff!


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