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Before the days of animal psychology, especially the Dog Whisperer, house-training a puppy or kitten had very few rules. You watched your pet closely so as to move it outside when nature called. If you missed the cues and the pet had an accident, you rubbed it’s nose in the resulting mess.

I'm not sure what theories were behind this method or what it was intended to teach. But the expression, “rubbing my nose in it”, has come to describe being shamed and blamed for someone’s misdeeds.

It would be easy to mistake our Lord’s invitation to confess our sin as a shaming and blaming ritual, as a way He “rubs our nose” in our sins. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead, He intends our confession is a means by which we FIND FREEDOM. It’s the only way we can find true healing. We can ruminate about our misdeeds until the end of our days, but if we confess them to the One who has the power to forgive us, we can feel His reassurance that we are loved in spite of ourselves.


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