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It’s no surprise to you, I’m sure that the Christian faith has its detractors, but the Bible is the Real Deal. Over the next few weeks I will share some stories with you about how sources outside of the Bible itself verify that truth. You’re gonna love this!

In 2007, Austrian archeologist, Dr. Michael JURSA was one of the few field scholars who could read cuniform. Cuniform is the oldest form of writing known to us. Marks are made by pressing a wedge-shaped tool, usually a cut reed into moist clay. It first appeared in the Middle East 3200 BC lasting up to the 2nd century AD. By early 2nd century cuniform had spread all over the biblical regions and was widely used.

 Dr. Jursa’s work was to reinterpret the British museum’s well-documented Babylonian tablets—long overlooked since their original excavation. He discovered the description of a mundane commercial transaction that took place in 595BC. A little dull so far, perhaps the date is as well, but the tablet named an official, one NEBO-SARSECHIM. According to Jeremiah 39 a character called Nebo-Sarsechim was present with King Nebuchadnezzer II at the siege of Israel that is known to have taken place on 585BC!

Are you impressed?  I was when I read this. Countless archeological findings confirm that what the Bible says is true. I believe that because it’s the truth of the Bible that sets us free from the bondage of pain and hurt!


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