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12 Ways to Turn Your Pain into Praise

Sapphires from Psalms

Better Than Jewels

We can pray in faith, not in fear, pray in hope and not out of our hurt.

I have noticed that there can be a difference in how I seek the Lord. I can come to him wringing my hands in worry, about the future, fearful and fretting and full of regret. When I am in that state, I have “sticy-fingered-prayers.” I hand my issue over to God, but I never really let go, because I am so wrapped up in the outcome.

That’s when I know that I am listening to the pain of my past, and allowing it to dictate my responses in the present. It’s hard when we have had regressive pain and plenty of reasons to fear because the world we lived in didn’t feel safe. That’s when problems surface and our brain plays tricks on us.

Those painful memories stored deep in the amygdala of the brain, kick up the same feelings that we felt during those vulnerable times. They can overtake us and we end up living under the bondage of that fear, regret, or self-loathing. Without realizing there is a better way, we stay victims of our past and our pain rather than embracing the victory God makes available to us.

Now we are all grown up and we are no longer subject to anyone else dictating our destiny, we call our own shots. Now we can choose to trust the Lord who always has our best interest at heart.  

I am learning the difference of praying in my fear and embracing new faith in a new life lived relying on God. Instead of responding out of the past hurt I experienced in life and seeing life from the point of view of that vulnerable person whose life felt adrift on a sea of lonely and crazy, I can pray in hope that God’s got my back now!

 Micah 7:7, “But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord. I hope for God, my savior; my God will hear me.”

Psalm 27:13-14, “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take hear and wait for the Lord.

If you keep recycling the same hurts and have difficulty trusting that the Lord will work things out for good in your life perhaps this is the Workshop for you...


At Sierra Pines Church
When: Friday, October 17, 7:00 pm—9:00pm
Saturday, October 18, 9:00 am—3:30 pm
Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Saturday.
Where: Sierra Pines Church Northwest Campus in Oakhurst, CA (Take the driveway next to the church on the same side of the street)

I am very grateful God gave me the courage to attend the Healing the Hurts workshop. For the first time, God revealed the “why” behind the “what” is happening in my life. I learned how my past effects decisions I make today. I now have tools and the knowledge on how to make better decisions and to stop settling for less than what God desires. The environment of the workshop was a place I felt very comfortable and God worked in me to provide peace, healing and restoration    -Katie

The Workshop is limited to no more than 17 people, so register while there is still space available. Cost: $149 per person. If you need a place to stay, there are a few newly remodeled bed and breakfast rooms available on site for an additional $49 per night.

Call me at 559-683-2882 ext. 21 or email me at  It could make a difference in you for the rest of your life.


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