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I came across this awesome insight reading a book on prayer...“Persistent prayer keeps bringing God and me together, with several important benefits. As I pour out my soul to God, I get it off my chest, so to speak, unloading some of my burden to One who can handle it. Little by little, as I get to know God, I learn that God has nothing in common with an unjust judge or a stingy neighbor, though at times it my seem so. What I learn from spending time with God then better equips me to discern what God wants to do on earth, as well as my role in that plan...As the relationship progresses I realize that God has a clearer picture of what I need than I do.

When I persistently pursue another person, I am usually trying to persuade that person to adopt my point of view. I want the car salesman to match my price, the neighbor to vote for my candidate. I may, especially in the early stages of prayer, approach God in the same way, but inevitably I find that God is the wise and senior partner in the relationship. I find, in fact, that God has been asking, seeking, knocking too, in subtle ways I so easily ignore...

“When Peter went to the roof to pray (Acts 10), he was mainly thinking about food. Little did he know that he would descend from the roof convicted of racism and legalism. In persistent, prayer my own desires and plans gradually harmonize with God’s.”

 Philip Yancey, Prayer Does It Make Any Difference?

I loved this. It made me think about my own prayer life and how I want my desires to align with God’s.


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