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No Thunder Thighs this Thanksgiving!

During the holiday season, it’s so easy to over eat. Here is a great weight-loss hack to keep you from regretting all of that pie do you managed to stuff in your face during the Thanksgiving celebrations!

Here is a tip to help curb the calories.

Pick one day to eat freely!

Let’s face it, we can do a lot of damage in one day. But we do even more if we let ourselves enter into an eat-a-long-a-thon for the whole four-day weekend.

Don’t decide to pig out just because it’s Thanksgiving! Enjoy yourself, but remember it’s about giving thanks, not getting fat! And you enjoy yourself more when you don’t make yourself sick or have to stare at the scale with regret for the next few weeks.

Make a decision about which day during the Thanksgiving season you will allow yourself to indulge. Plan what you will have. If you have mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sweet potatoes, then you probably can’t have three pieces of pie! So maybe you’ll pick the stuffing and skip the mashed potatoes and the sweet potatoes in lieu of having both your great aunt’s apple and pumpkin pie.

But the next day you can move back to “Living Life Lean.” You won't choose to indulge with two or three pieces of pie, (but one won’t kill you:) or several helpings of mashed potatoes slathered in butter. You won't decide that you have been chosen to single-handedly make sure all of the turkey legs don't go to waste. After your day of indulgence, move back into moderation. Not only will it make it easier not to gain unwanted pounds, but you won’t make yourself sick either!

 For this and so many more weight-loss hacks, as well as some help with insights as to what keeps us stuffing our feelings, here is a workshop for you!

 Living Life Lean:

What to Do When What You’re Eating is Eating You


January 16-17, 2015

Are you tired of yoyo dieting and feeling guilty every time you step on the scale? Do you dread doctor’s visits knowing that you are going to get “the lecture” again? Do you continually find yourself stuffed and sick from stress eating? Do you obsess about food choices until you give up and eat anything that doesn’t crawl away?

Then what you need is not another diet. You need a

Live It—a food program that works for any person, in any scenario, during any stage of life.


Come to Sierra Pines Church North West Campus near the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park, and spend a Friday Evening and Saturday and you will—

Learn earn how to

  • Understand the emotional triggers that keep you stuffing your face
  • Defeat the dreadful “stress eating” demon forever
  • Discover healthy-weight “hacks” to help you stay lean for life
  • Finally establish a balanced attitude toward food and make peace with the scale once and for all!


Cost $149, includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday. To find out more check with Linda Newton at or call at 559-683-2882 ext. 21 or visit her online at






November 22, 2014 @07:26 pm

Great advice!


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