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New Year’s Resolution: “Be more encouraging to the people in my life.”

Try it and see if the atmosphere in your home and workplace improves! See if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face and change how you view the world and the people in it!

Encouragement is win/win. It empowers those you praise, and it fills the tank of the encourager as he or she begins to focus more on the positive.

WATCH THIS before your prepare your list of New Year’s resolutions. Let’s become encouragers and make the world a better more hopeful place!


January 03, 2014 @09:38 pm

Thank you for sharing Linda. This is like food to my soul. Happy New Year

January 03, 2014 @09:36 pm

Love this Linda! You peeked. I had to laugh, because I could have easily written that first paragraph. Just getting over the "aftermath" cold and trusting God to remove my resentments. It would be funny if it weren't sad at the same time. But our God is faithful and He gave me two words this morning. One is for me and the other for the world.....mine is discipline. Yeah, that's what I though at first.But then I realized how many times I find myself being self destructive by not completing a task or by not following through on something only to beat myself up for it later. Something as simple as not putting something where it belongs and starting a mess which I have to sort out later. Not a New Year's Resolution, I prefer to call it a New Year Awareness. The other is MERCY for everyone around me. Last year I remember asking the Lord to help me to love people as He loves them. It's been something I've carried all year and it has impacted my life and I believe He's accomplished lots although there's so much more work to do. But I believe MERCY is Part II of last year's task. Without mercy the Art of Loving will not be new year, new focus......MERCY. I think it will help out with those resentments a whole bunch! I've never really liked New Year's. Always seemed like we set ourselves up to fail at so much, but I do LOVE IT when the Lord places something before me and then says, "Trust me to guide you through each day and next year, you can reflect on even more changes in your life." Gotta love a God like that. Blessings on you and Bruce this coming year...we love you both.


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