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We appreciate how dads protect and provide by earning a living and going to work, even when they don’t want to, even when it is hard. Dads get the jobs no one will take like checking out the noises in the middle of the night or crawling under the house when something is leaking. And in my neck of the woods, killing snakes. I recently had to kill a rattlesnake by myself because my husband wasn’t home. I’m turning into a real mountain woman. Pretty soon I’ll have my own bright pink chain saw. But back to Father’s Day with a word from Proverbs.

Proverbs 20:7, “The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them,” (NLB). 

Spend some time for the next few days letting the dad in your life know how much you appreciate him. Now, you can’t say the same thing over and over again because we all know that pretty soon it feels like flattery, not real affirmation. So offer up creative, specific praise to let him know he is valued! Examples, “Honey, the way you talked to our son about getting his homework done was so patient and inspiring. You da bomb.” “Dear, thanks for handling that situation with the contractor who didn’t finish the job. It would have eaten my brain. I appreciate you.” See, I’ve already given you a head start.

What are you going to do to appreciate the dads in your life this week?


June 13, 2019 @10:54 am

Love the pink chain saw. You go, Girl

June 13, 2019 @10:53 am

As usual, great words.


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