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In the south when someone wants to discredit themselves or someone else, they would say, “He’s just about half smart or “Sorry, that comment was only about half smart.” (If you can hear it with a certain southern accent, it’ll make you laugh, or should I say it tickles your funny bone.)

Unfortunately, that is where most of us live today. Psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University did a study of 5,000 people, stating that adults spend only about fifty percent of their time in the present moment. In other words, they are mentally checked out half the time.

Not only did they measure when people’s minds were wandering, but they also collected information on happiness levels. They found that when we are in the present moment, we are also our happiest, no matter what we are doing. The reason why is because we can fully experience the things going on around us. Instead of getting caught up in the race to accomplish more things faster, we slow down and are actually with the people we are with, immersed in the ideas being discussed, and fully engaged in our projects.

I want to be more engaged, more present in my presence. I don’t want to be just about half smart or half present. I am practicing slowing down and enjoying the moment even in the midst of the hectic holidays. How about you?

There’s more about living in the now in our upcoming book:

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