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I am sharing this blog post  for some ladies I had the privilege of speaking to from San Jose who wanted a copy. I am writing it near Mother's Day for those like me who have hurtful memories of their mothers, but far enough away from Mom's Day not to impact the delight of that holiday. With God's help, I've been blessed to break the chain and instead of crying in the Hallmark store trying to find a card to fit the crazy relationship with my mom, I am crying as I read the precious things my wonderful kids write in their cards to me. A long time ago when I was cryin' Jesus came bringing love and sanity. He became my mother and my father. He healed the hurts and filled the voids. Where would I be without Him?

Here is the poem. If it resonates with you, ask Him to heal you. He did it for me.

It’s Okay, Mama, Mama

You could never love me, Mama.
Not like I needed to be loved
I cried when I was little
Needing you, Needing you
Needing your eyes to be soft
Needing your lips warm on my forehead.
Needing you to say
“It’s okay baby, baby
Soft, Soft.”

You could never say those things, Mama.
Your eyes were dull
Your lips a hard line,
The hardness all over.
You could never say,
“Baby, baby.”

It’s okay, Mama
I’m all grown up now.
A long time ago when I was cryin’
He came, he came.
His eyes were soft.
His lips warm on my forehead,
He said, It’s okay, Baby, baby,
Soft, soft.

It took along time, Mama.
For the pain to go away
It took a long time.
He stayed a long time, Mama.
Jesus stayed.

It’s Mother’s Day, Mama.
I looked for a card for you.
One with soft eyes,
Lips warm on your forehead.
To make the hardness go away.
One that would say,
“It’s okay, Mama, Mama.”
Soft, soft.

The racks had goosh and gratitude
And butterflies
And flowers and poems
But they can’t say what I want to say.
(I hope the Hallmark lady doesn’t see me crying.)
Cause I want so bad to tell you,
It’s okay, Mama, Mama. Soft, Soft.



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