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  • Dec 12
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This is a true story about a real dad whom I know quite well, my hubby. He showed me and his kids a lot about how God loves them.


  It was one of those rare summer days in California when the sky darkened and the air smelled like rain.  Ashley Rose, my five-year-old daughter, was playing outside with the little neighbor girl, Jessie.  Those two would occupy themselves for hours making all kinds of mischief and loving every minute of it.  But with the clouds coming up, I worried lightning might soon follow so I decided I had better call the girls inside. 

     As I approached the front door, their conversation caught me off guard. They spoke with hushed tones in meaningful discussion, uncharacteristic of the kindergarten girls who filled the hours with playful chatter.

   Choking back tears, Jessie shared, “I have to have surgery on my foot. And I’m scared!”  I watched as Ashley wrapped her arm around her playmate and patted her back, knowing all too well what Jessie had to fear.  Ashley Rose had already survived three heart surgeries and was awaiting a serious open-heart surgery in just a few months.

      Ever since talk of this next heart surgery started, Ashley made it a ritual to squirm her lightweight frame into our bed every evening.   Needing a lot of reassurance, she would cuddle up between her dad and me and pose question after question.  “Is it going to hurt like it did the last time?” she asked with her big blue eyes open wide.  “Can Sissy and Jake come and see me? she questioned, referring to her brother and sister.  “Will they let me keep Bobo with me?” she wondered about her favorite teddy bear. 

     As I lay next to her all I could do was pray for fear that if I spoke, my words would belie my own fear and dread.  Yet as she voiced an endless stream of concerns, her daddy patiently answered her questions even as the doubts she shared became more personal.  “Why am I like this and Jake and Sarah aren’t?  Will I always be this small?  Am I going to die?” However long it took to send his little girl off to sleep with peace, is how long her Daddy spent with her. 

     That’s why it came as no surprise to me that, as she sat with her arm around Jessie, Ashley shared with all the assurance in the world, “You Don’t Have To Worry.  You Just Have To Talk To Your Daddy!”  Ashley had first-hand knowledge that her Daddy would do every thing possible to comfort her and to make it all better.  Our Abba-Father, our Daddy, longs to do the same thing for us if we’ll let Him.

     How long has it been since you curled up next to Him in the wee hours of the evening to let Him know your doubt and fears?  He’s waiting and He’s got all the time in the universe for you.




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