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12 Ways to Turn Your Pain into Praise

Sapphires from Psalms

Better Than Jewels

As we move into the Thanksgiving season, one of the things I’ve learned to be thankful for is the pain in my life. Who knew that one could be grateful for the heartaches? When we let Him, God can form all of our hurts into those things that give us our greatest blessings.

Maybe you’re like me, and you have had a lot required from your “internal forgiver.” God took me on a long, but valuable, journey to forgive folks I should’ve been able to trust in my life. In the process of forgiving, one of the most important things I learned was to “Recognize God’s Restoration.” (Joel 2:25 says, “I will make up to you for the years the swarming locusts has eaten.”)

Nearly every day in my counseling office, God uses the hurt He has brought me through to let someone know that they will make it too. God taught me early on that, “Forgiveness doesn’t make our offender right, it just makes us free.” It frees us from the job of judge and jury and leaves that job to Jesus who is far more qualified than we are. Then we are free to have the life God intended for us without the weight of bitterness and resentment. That is something to be thankful for. If bitterness is robbing you of the joy of the season, here is a gift you can give yourself:

Healing the Hurts that Are Holding You Back Workshop For Men and Women
You can register now.

At Sierra Pines Church Nwest Campus
When: Friday, January 19, 2018,  7:00 pm—9:00pm
Saturday, January 20, 2018, 9:00 am—3:30 pm

The Workshop is limited to no more than 17 people, so register while there is still space available. Cost: $149 per person. If you need a place to stay, there are a few newly remodeled bed and breakfast rooms available on site for an additional $49 per night. At this price, why not stay an extra day and enjoy Yosemite National Park while relaxing in God’s beauty.

Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Saturday.

In the beautiful location at the Sierra Pines Church Northwest Campus near Yosemite National Park, you an learn to: Stop renting space in your head to bad memories and offense, and  find tools to forgive others, yourself, and God.

To register email me at

Happy Thanksgiving!


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