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Psychologist William James said, “Possibly greatest human need is the need to be appreciated.”

Unfortunately, we can get our noses to the grindstone with his work schedule, her job, kid’s activities, housework, homework, projects, soccer, piano, scouts, field trips, house repairs, volunteer work, neighbors and the list goes on. Anybody resonate with this? We can get so busy that we fail to appreciate those around us.

He thinks, “I should get her that little gift to let her know that I’ve been thinking of her. Oh, I’ll do it later.

She thinks, “He’s a great provider.  I should tell him.  Surely he already knows!”

He ponders, “She’s an awesome mother. She gets enough strokes for that.” So we let valuable opportunities to show love slip between our fingers.

She recognizes, “He is a loving father. The kids are so glad to see him when he comes through the door. I’ll let him know I notice.” But she forgets to tell him when life gets in the way.

IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO FEEL IT-WE MUST SAY IT! It’s not enough just to recognize, we have to Verbalize what is good!

Proverbs 3:27 states, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act, (NIV).

Relationship expert, Dr. John Gottman states, “ Both fondness and admiration can be fragile unless you remain aware of how crucial they are to the friendship that is the core of any good marriage. By simply reminding yourself of your spouse’s positive qualities—even as you grapple with each other’s flaws—you can prevent a happy marriage from deteriorating.”

So this Valentine’s Day, tell those you love what they are doing right. Appreciate them while you still can!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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