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I believe one of the main functions that God has for the church is to create a place where people can use their gifts and passions—the gifts and passions that He has given us. And to get the immense satisfaction we can only get by doing just that.

But we disqualify ourselves. We minimize our gifts by saying that what we have to offer isn’t that significant. I can’t teach or preach, and I certainly can’t sing, so what I have it offer isn’t that important. Whatever gifts God has given us, He can use to build His kingdom and bring people to Him.

Like your cooking gift, but you tell yourself so many people are so much better. You don’t have to be Emeril to bless people with your talent. Like to your desire to organize events that others can benefit from. Like the 10% of your income that you don’t think will make a difference. But it can when we all pool together and God gets ahold of it.

In the Olympics they often show three scores on the screen: WR—World Record; OR-Olympic Record: PB—Personal Best. What do you think God cares about? We aren’t supposed to be like someone else. We’re supposed to be the best version of ourselves.

You have something to contribute and you can bless 1000’s, you can bless God with your obedience. But the person you bless the most just might be you. You see, Jesus doesn’t need our help. He’s God and He can do anything Himself. Nevertheless, He calls us to do our part—for our sakes. He invites us to become part of His plan so that when victory comes we can say together “We did it!” Nothing is impossible with God.

This 4th of July, find FREEDOM in being the best you that you can be!



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