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  • Dec 12
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I was at Berean Christian Store this week and the darling girl behind the counter handed me a free greeting card and said, “We are giving these out in honor of National Encouragement Week. You can give this to a friend.”
How cool! But I think every week should be encouragement week. Perhaps this will help to motivate you. It does me. If not, check out Berean, and maybe they will give you a free card to send to a person who needs your encouragement!”

It Isn’t Enough
It isn’t enough to say in our hearts
That we like a friend for her ways,
It isn’t enough that we fill our minds
With paeans of silent praise;
Nor is it enough that we honor a woman
As our confidence upward mounts,
It’s going right up to the woman herself,
And telling her so that counts!
If a gal does a work you really admire,
Don’t leave a kind word unsaid,
In fear that to do so might make her vain
And cause her to “lose her head.”
But reach out your hand and tell her,
“Well done,” and see how her gratitude swells;
It isn’t the flower we strew on the grave,
It’s the word to the living that tells.


September 14, 2011 @01:10 pm

I too was at the Barean and received a couple cards, i was so excited to have them, planning on who to send them to, and the Lord gave me this scripture.. Proverbs 25:11 Thank you for the encouragement.. i they are truley fitly spoken.

September 12, 2011 @09:55 am

well said.. thanks Linda for reminding us to Love others with our actions AND our words!


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