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Tonight is the lunar eclipse.

I just spent the weekend with some awesome ladies speaking at a retreat, and I don’t usually sleep much at these events.  I hope I can stay awake long enough to see the super-moon and the eclipse.

When it comes to life, I want to be awake to the fact that the urgent can often eclipse the important as I allow time to run roughshod over my days. I have heard pastors talk about the difference between chronos time and kairos time saying the chronos time is the minutes ticking by, but kairos time is sacred, when God shows up and time stands still. But what I didn’t know was the origin of the word chronos. It paints a more dramatic and troubling picture.

Chronos is named after one of the gods of the Greek pantheon who devoured his children, a glutton and a cannibal who was never satisfied! Goya depicted him in a painting gaunt, ravenous, wild-eyed with greedy hunger gorging on his own child. It’s too repulsive for words, but the point must be considered. Chronos is the presiding diety of the driven.  For more about the plight of being too busy, check out our latest post on our Answers From Mom and Dad Facebook page:

The forward march of time will devour us unless we TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE MOMENTS AS THE MINUTES MARCH ON.

Make time to listen to a child, to take a walk and enjoy nature, to pray and actually listen for God’s response. Don’t let the urgent devour the important. Don’t’ let your menacing schedule eclipse meaningful memories.

 I’m going to go take my own advice now and stare at the moon.

Happy Star Gazing,


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