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When you are filled with self-doubt, and in the grip of inferiority, don’t give up saying, “I can’t do it; I don’t have it in me.” You do have a big “it” within you! You have the kingdom of God within you, and I can prove it: “The kingdom of God is within you, “ Luke 17:21. “See?”

Our self-doubt can cripple us. But God has placed within each of us special talents, specific skills, unique personality traits, desires and all the abilities we need. When we believe in ourselves, in the “God-fidence” that He makes available to us, His strength is released.

The next time you are debilitated by self-doubt, try saying Luke 17:21 this way, “God’s abundance, peace and power are with in me. I lack nothing!” Then watch what happens.

Here’s to being done with self-doubt!


May 25, 2017 @09:12 am

Thank you!

May 25, 2017 @09:12 am

I needed this!

May 24, 2017 @09:53 am

Thanks Linda, I needed to hear that


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