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  • Dec 12
    MOPS Oakhurst

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I miss my kids. They seemed to grow up and move out overnight. One of the things I’m glad I did when my kids were home was plan to have a meal in the evening where we could all sit down together and connect. As the kids grew and got busy with drama and music practices and, later, jobs we managed maybe 4 nights a week. I realize now that I worked hard to get 7 nights together, but only got 4. If I had worked for 4 nights, we probably wouldn’t have sat down together at all!

I found this article with some great suggestions to “serve up” mirthful mealtime discussion. I loved this idea, and thought you might too.
Give each family member a list of these questions. Try to guess their responses. You can choose a different kid each night~

Favorite food
Least favorite food
Favorite animal
Favorite Bible story
Favorite summer activity
Bravest thing done
Coolest experience
Favorite holiday
Special skill or talent
Favorite place to talk to God
Favorite pastime
Favorite month
Favorite thing to wear
Favorite verse

I hope you can use this idea. When my kids were still home I would have loved useful suggestions to help my kids open up, and especially to encourage discussion about God. Check out this book, Mealtime Moments available on I hope this helps you!


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