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This was in my email! I love this story and apparently so does Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Dear  Linda Newton

We are excited to let you know your story  The Blessed List  which appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude will be featured on the Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast.

If you are not familiar with the Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast with Amy Newmark, it is available free, with three new episodes each week. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Here is the link to the podcast on Apple:

And here is the link to the podcast on Google Play:

Your story will be shared in the episode that posts on 8/27/18 and will continue to be available indefinitely after.

If you are new to podcasts you may be surprised to learn you already have a podcast button on your smartphone. You can listen to podcasts on your phone, your computer, or your iPad or other tablet.

We hope you will listen and enjoy! We would appreciate it if you would spread the word by passing this e-mail on to your friends and family so we can build an audience.

Thanks for being part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul family. You know how much we love your stories.

If you haven't heard or read this story, please log on. You know how I recommend living in gratitude.


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