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My heart hurts when I think of another brutal a church, no less. I have been praying for the families and those who lost loved ones, and for those who were wounded, and especially for the pastor who lost his fourteen-year-old daughter and has to pick up the pieces of all who have sustained loss. I am praying for a world that needs the Lord, and that I can be a beacon that can lead others to the light and hope He offers. When I find myself circling the drain in the despair that continually presents itself every time I open my computer, this verse comforts me. I pray it comforts you too today.

Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” The word sustain means in the Hebrew: to provide, to feed, guide, to comprehend.(He gets you. He gets what’s going on around you. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow. He’s already there.) It means to NURTURE and to hold. In the Hebrew the word for sustain is KUWL—pronounced in English-COOL. And I think it is pretty cool, don’t you?



November 06, 2017 @08:21 pm

Thank you Linda. This scripture verse does bring encouragement. You are such a special and inspirational lady.

November 06, 2017 @08:13 pm

Thank you Linda, for being a light, a very bright light , Loved this today!!!!!! Love you , thank you.

November 06, 2017 @08:09 pm

Thank you Linda, great words for a day such as this.

November 06, 2017 @08:05 pm

This really speaks to me in several ways ..You are a gem my friend .Many Blessings to you and your family. Your encouragement is well received . Take good care of yourself ...☺


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