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In light of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, my husband posted this on his Facebook page and I found it so profound, I needed to highlight it in my Blog:

I rarely ever post an "open share" on Facebook. But in response to Boston, and all the daily crazy violence that has stepped up to plate in the last few months...I feel compelled. The most dangerous thing in the world is not a gun, or a bomb, or any other instrument of violence. It is the heart that pulls the trigger and sets the fuse. So, guard yours carefully. Fear nothing. Love everyone, including the ones that aren't easy for you to love. You won't be going home one second before God wants you there, and He already knows the day that will happen. So relax. Love people. Heal them. Spread hope. Tell them somebody loves them, and that you've been sent as proof. Carry on.

For an article on how to minister to hurting people click HERE.


April 24, 2013 @05:16 pm

I am so proud to be in a church that represents this attitude.

April 24, 2013 @05:15 pm

I saw this on Bruce's FBook page. It rocks!

April 24, 2013 @05:14 pm

This is awesome!


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