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  • Dec 12
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Balancing Work and Family Life

I read this great article years ago that helped me balance work and family life.

Here are some quotes from it:

“Stressing out about your workload is more likely to cause problems at home than the actual amount of time you’re putting into your job,” according to research by Remus Ilies, PhD of Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.

“To make sure you leave your work at the office, set a daily limit (5-10 minutes maximum) for venting about your job to your family.” I talked in my counseling office to one woman who felt like her husband’s anger bordered on abuse of her as he ranted on for hours about his job. Another husband disclosed how sick he was of hearing his wife b______ about her boss! If we aren’t careful we can turn the folks who love us into people who need to vent about us!!!!Set a limit on the negative and move on. 

Another idea: Keep a nightly log of good things that happened at work—it could put out any lingering fires from earlier in the day and allow you to relax more at home.


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