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Avoiding the Rumination Rut

In Webster’s dictionary ruminate means: “to go over in the mind repeatedly.” The next definition is to “chew repeatedly for an extended period.” Let’s see, stewing and chewing in response to stress—boy, did Webster get that right! When we fall into the Rumination Rut, we mentally stew over the same worry and problem until we are emotionally drained—yet we’ve solved nothing. While we are stuck in this negative mindset—which can last a day, week month, a year—we can easily give up on our goals and dreams that we were so excited about in the new year.


Listen to yourself sometime: I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m stupid, I’m a loser, My legs are too short, Nobody wants me... Would you let your child or dear friend talk about herself like that? Not likely. Besides, you can’t change your life if you are busy engaging in self-abuse. Watch THIS CLIP to Avoid the Rumination Rut!



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