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A Mother’s Prayer

One weary mom shared her story with me at a women’s luncheon. She has given me her blessing to share this with you! Yolanda was heavy-hearted mother whose youngest son had just boarded a plane for Arlington, Virginia, leaving her with an empty nest, and mind filled with worries and concerns. She had known the Lord long enough to know that He was trustworthy, but this was her precious son, and he was heading off to be trained for military service during a time of war! 

“I fell asleep that night praying for my son and for me, that I could trust God and not worry myself into a early grave,” she shared.

“I had to work that Sunday morning, but my soul felt dry and doubting. I needed to go to church. Even though there was only 20 minutes left in the service, I made my way to one of the back rows looking for a seat. I didn’t know we were having a guest speaker that day. Just as I sat down, I heard the speaker say that he was in California all the way from Arlington, Virginia! I felt God-bumps up and down my arms.”

“The minute the service ended, I bee-lined up the aisle to the speaker, introduced myself, and told him my story. He graciously offered to pray for my son. Then he went one step further. He asked for my son’s contact info and offered to help him find a church in town when he arrived.”

 You can’t tell me that was a coincidence. God heard this weary mother’s prayers, and He was already at work in her son’s life. In less than 24 hours her prayers for her son were answered! God is good, and he hears mother' prayers.

Happy Mother's Day!




May 07, 2014 @08:42 pm

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

May 07, 2014 @08:41 pm

Goosebumps now!


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